Talking about race can be hard. But thanks to a series of special reports from Rocky Mountain PBS, the conversation has started across Colorado. Our Losing Ground report from 2013 sparked action and dialogue that continues today.

Our Race in Colorado initiative will pick up where Losing Ground left off and take the conversation to a new level. Rocky Mountain PBS is telling the stories of diverse families of color – and how Colorado is working to overcome disparity.

With support from The Denver Foundation, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, University of Denver Morgridge College of Education, and University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development, these stories bring focus to education and graduation rates, bring awareness to inequalities in justice and economies, and show how systemic change can help foster healing between communities.

See are reports and programs on educationhealth and justice.

What is Race in Colorado?

Family Stories

Our stories tell us so much about who we are, what we care about and how we live our lives. These are the stories of your neighbors, your friends and your family. We’ve captured one moment in time as these courageous Colorado families shared their fears and challenges, hopes and dreams. We hope they inspire conversation around your dinner table and foster a greater understanding between communities. Watch the award-winning vignettes below to get to know our families! 

Hear our stories. Share yours. #raceincolorado

Our families share more about their experiences